I am a Senior Research Scientist at Snap Inc. My research interests are 3D reconstruction and 3D scene understanding. I published 20 papers in a wide range of areas including high-quality multi-view stereo, surface reconstruction, structure from motion, single-view 3D modeling, 3D object detection and tracking, most of them in top-tier venues such as SIGGRAPH / SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR and ECCV. I believe 3D is the new frontier for deep learning that brings computer vision and computer graphics together.

Before I joined Snap Inc., I worked as Research Scientist at Adobe Research on 3D scanning and 3D modeling. I obtained my PhD at Princeton University Computer Science Department under the supervision of Prof. Szymon Rusinkiewicz in 2013 and my bachelor degree with honors from School of Software at Tsinghua University in 2007.

Best way to contact me: linjie dot luo at gmail dot com

Latest News

  • I will be on the International Program Committee (IPC) for Eurographics 2019
  • 2 papers are conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
  • 3 papers are accepted to ECCV 2018