I am a Senior Research Scientist at Snap Inc. focused on 3D reconstruction and 3D scene understanding. My work covers a wide range of areas including high-quality multi-view stereo, surface reconstruction, structure from motion, single-view 3D modeling, 3D object detection and tracking, which leads to more than 20 papers published in computer graphics and computer vision, 17 of them in top-tier venues such as SIGGRAPH / SIGGRAPH Asia, CVPR and ECCV. I contributed to more than 10 US patents and numerous tech transfers powering commercial products.

Before I joined Snap Inc., I worked as Research Scientist at Adobe Research on 3D scanning and 3D modeling. I obtained my PhD from Princeton University Computer Science Department in 2013 and my bachelor degree with honors from Tsinghua University School of Software in 2007.

Best way to contact me: linjie dot luo at gmail dot com

Latest News

  • I will be on the International Program Committee (IPC) for Eurographics 2019
  • 2 papers are conditionally accepted to SIGGRAPH Asia 2018
  • 3 papers are accepted to ECCV 2018